Rabix Releases

Use the newly launched Rabix open source toolkit to develop, test, debug and scale
Common Workflow Language versions of your bioinformatics tools and workflows.

Rabix Composer

(version 1.0.0-rc.1)

An integrated development environment to describe your tools and workflows with the Common Workflow Language. Use as a standalone application or sync with one of Seven Bridges’ Cloud Platforms to scale your analyses (CGC, Cavatica).

  • Visual and Text Editors

    Seamlessly switch between rich visual and text editors to develop your CWL code faster

  • Rapidly create workflows

    Drag and drop tools onto the workflow canvas and easily create connections between them

  • Easily visualize workflow details

    Select and rearrange nodes in a workflow, highlight immediate connections, zoom, and auto-align complicated workflows

  • CWL compatibility

    Compatible with CWL v1.0 and the Seven Bridges version of CWL draft-2 (sbg:draft-2)

Rabix Executor

(version 1.0)

Executes containerized bioinformatics tools using your CWL description on any Unix-based computational environment, and Seven Bridges Cloud Platforms.

  • Capable of running all drafts and versions of CWL
  • Utilizes optimizations for computation on large volumes of data (e.g. parallelization, batch)
  • Integrated with the GA4GH TES API, which can be easily plugged into most existing compute environments, including clusters and clouds.
  • Enables developers to employ a specific queuing or scheduling protocol of your choice (e.g. LSF, Slurm)

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