Rabix Releases

Use the newly launched Rabix open source toolkit to develop, test, debug and scale
Common Workflow Language versions of your bioinformatics tools and workflows.

Rabix Composer

(version 1.0)

An integrated development environment to describe your tools and workflows with the Common Workflow Language. Now integrated with the Rabix Executor so you can both develop and test through a single interface. Use as a standalone application or sync with one of Seven Bridges’ Cloud Platforms to scale your analyses (CGC, Cavatica).

  • Visual and Text Editors

    Seamlessly switch between rich visual and text editors to develop your CWL code faster

  • Rapidly create and visualize workflows

    Drag and drop tools, easily create connections, select and rearrange nodes, highlight immediate connections, zoom, and auto-align complicated workflowss

  • Execute and test your CWL code

    Integrated with our Rabix Composer CWL workflow engine to enable rapid develop and test cycles

  • CWL compatibility

    Compatible with CWL v1.0 and the Seven Bridges version of CWL draft-2 (sbg:draft-2)

Rabix Executor

(version 1.03)

Executes containerized bioinformatics tools using your CWL description on any Unix-based computational environment. Executor is also the workflow engine for Seven Bridges Cloud Platforms.

  • Capable of running all drafts and versions of CWL
  • Utilizes optimizations for computation on large volumes of data (e.g. parallelization, batch)
  • Integrated with the GA4GH TES API, which can be easily plugged into most existing compute environments, including clusters and clouds.
  • Enables developers to employ a specific queuing or scheduling protocol of your choice (e.g. LSF, Slurm)

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